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The Block was founded in 1973 with the occupation of some abandoned houses in Louis Street Redfern, a Sydney suburb predominantly inhabited by the descendants of the Australian Aboriginal. In the early seventies they formed an association for the rights of the Aboriginal people, with financial aid from the Australian government the association was able to buy these houses and many other adjoining houses. In the following years the community grew, other aboriginal families settled in the area to work and raise their children. However over time with the abuse of alcohol and the drug trade The Block became an uninhabitable place. The 90's were the worst in the history of The Block, crime, drug abuse, violence and murders in the streets became the order of the day.”Children born in The Block were either going to be drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics or live a life of crime with the strong possibility of dying. What future could a child born in a place like that have?” says Michael Mundine, chief executive of the Aboriginal Housing Company. The consumed walls tell of a living suburbs past life and now The Block is ready for a new and permanent change, a building project will completely change the look of the existing neighbourhood. ”People have said that by demolishing the buildings we will be losing our culture, our heritage. No, we are only losing buildings, the bricks and mortar. Our culture, our heritage remains. The buildings are not human, the heart and soul are in the people; they will return when it is completed, the new complex will be for future generations.”