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The level of avoidable food waste in the UK is astonishing, with one quarter of this food thrown away unopened, still in its packaging. Food waste is an increasingly concerning subject which has far reaching implications on society, the economy and the environment. Wasting Away begins to explore the complex reasons causing food waste and food poverty in the UK, as well as some of the ideas and interventions trying to tackle this ongoing problem. The book contains material gathered during my research and documents my experience interviewing Douglas McMaster at the zero waste restaurant Silo, The Purple People, a local food bank, representatives from The Real Junk Food Project Brighton and a manager of an M&S store. The publication is printed on a range of recycled papers including Kraft paper which is used in supermarket food crates. A barcode design is screen printed on the front cover to represent consumerism. The use of OCR-B as a typeface suits the project as it is frequently used on barcodes.